The Processor Chip Launching a Revolution

May 1, 2020

By Shlomit Hacohen

Arbe Releases Processor Chip to Complete Imaging Radar Chipset Solution, the First Dedicated Automotive-Radar Processing Chipset

 Arbe, the provider of next-generation 4D Imaging Radar Chipset Solution, enabling high-resolution sensing for ADAS and autonomous vehicles, today announced the release of its Imaging Radar Processor Chip to complete Arbe’s solution. This is the first automotive grade (AEC-Q100) dedicated imaging radar processing chip. The Processor Chip provides more powerful processing, low latency, low power and cuts the costs significantly when comparing the price to other capable radar processing solutions on the market.

Arbe’s Processor Provides More Processing Power, Low Latency, and Low Power While Cutting the Cost to Implement A Truly Safe Radar Solution

The Processor Chip empowers an imaging radar system that produces detailed images; separates, identifies and tracks hundreds of objects in ultra-high horizontal and vertical resolution, on top of range and Doppler resolutions, to a long range in a wide field of view; maps stationary objects, with low false alarms, enabling Tier-1 automakers and OEMs to ensure true safety for next-generation cars using state-of-the-art technology.

The patented imaging radar processor is capable of processing the raw data generated by 48 receiving channels and 48 transmitting channels, generating 30 frames per second, meeting automotive power constraints. This is higher than what has ever been achieved on an automotive radar processing chip, while doing such in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Additionally, the processor can scale from high resolution to ultra-high resolution and support over 100,000 detections per frame. The ability to process such a high channel count provides unparalleled performance and safety to the automotive market. Arbe’s Radar Processing Chip enables the integration of smart detection algorithms, clustering, post processing and SLAM, into the chip.  

The processor is designed with a safety-first approach and in accordance with the international standard for functional safety (ISO 26262). Additionally, the processor enables ASIL B (Automotive Safety Integrity Level) qualification to the radar that allows integration with the highest level of safety for ADAS and autonomous vehicle systems – ASIL D.

“Arbe prides itself on achieving the unachievable,” says Arbe CEO Kobi Marenko. “The amount of processing capabilities that we incorporated on our radar chipset solution is one that has never been achieved before in Automotive Radar. Our technology will bring the safety of vehicles to a new level with low power and low cost. We are excited to ship the processer chip to Tier 1 customers as part of a chipset solution that supports their next gen radar system developments.”

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