Radar Revolution.

Radar Revolution.

The 2K High Resolution Difference

The 2K High Resolution Difference

No matter the speed, elevation, proximity, size, or surrounding weather and lighting conditions, Phoenix differentiates true threats from false alarms to ensure a safe road ahead for drivers, pedestrians, and other vulnerable road users.

Jump start your radar revolution.

Outstanding Performance

Arbe’s robust processing technology and advanced algorithms enable ultra high resolution, delivering unparalleled radar performance by leveraging thousands of virtual transmitting and receiving channels.

1° Azimuth
1.7° Elevation

Ultra high resolution

100° Azimuth
30° Elevation

Wide field of view


Long range

30 FPS

Real time


High range resolution

0.1 m/s

Doppler resolution


False alarms


Objects identified

Vulnerable Road Users

With Phoenix, smaller entities such as pedestrians, bicycles, and motorcycles are accurately detected and tracked – a critical requirement for achieving true road safety and Europe’s NCAP roadmap.  Even when partially concealed by other vehicles or stationary objects, Phoenix continually senses their direction, and velocity, delivering unceasing situational awareness and true ‘every-scenario’ road safety.

Modular & Scalable

Modular in design, Phoenix is fully customizable, allowing OEMs the freedom to scale resolution, range, and field of view functionality with current and evolving design specifications and cost requirements. From long-range front-end, to mid-range corner, Phoenix is the ideal solution for achieving NCAP’s 5 star safety rating, attaining truly-safe ADAS, and launching L3 and higher autonomous driving.








Arbe products are designed to meet the highest industry safety and compliance standards. Additionally, the company is committed to addressing fundamental functionality concerns including the elimination of false alarms, mutual radar interference, and protection of the system from cyber attacks.

Radar: The Backbone of the Sensor Suite

By radically enhancing radar’s capabilities, Arbe technology has repositioned radar from a supportive sensor to the backbone of the sensor suite, an act that reduces the need for parallel suite sensors, lowers costs, and increases both sensor suite functionality and dependability.

Radar is the most dependable sensing technology, providing the highest reliability across all weather and environmental conditions and capable of detecting obstacles at the longest range. The first to spot danger, radar directs other sensors to areas of interest, increasing accuracy and reducing overall sensor suite power consumption. 


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