Delivering Unprecedented Road Safety

Arbe’s Phoenix radar is the world’s first ultra high-resolution 4D imaging radar. Phoenix tracks and separates objects in azimuth, elevation and velocity, applying post-processing and SLAM simultaneously.

A wide field of view combined with long, mid and short-range automotive radar sensor detection enables Phoenix to trace hundreds of objects in real-time, differentiating threats from false alarms no matter their speed or lack thereof, elevation, proximity, size, or surrounding weather and lighting conditions.

High-sensitivity tracking individually identifies entities such as pedestrians, bikes, and motorcycles even when partially concealed by vehicles or stationary objects. Direction, speed and velocity are continuously sensed, delivering all levels of autonomous vehicles unceasing situational awareness in high-definition.

Outstanding Radar Performance

Outstanding Performance

Arbe’s robust processing technology and advanced algorithms enable ultra high resolution, delivering unparalleled radar performance by leveraging thousands of virtual transmitting and receiving channels.

1° Azimuth
2° Elevation

Ultra high resolution

100° Azimuth
30° Elevation

Wide field of view


Long range

30 FPS

Real time


High range accuracy

0.1 m/s

Doppler resolution


Minimalize alarms


Objects identified

The Solution For Real-World Driving Conditions

The Solution For Real-World Driving Conditions

From standard maneuvering to high-risk engagement, Phoenix services real-world driving needs, identifying, assessing and responding to challenging scenarios from the common to the exceptional, providing warnings and path planning for the road ahead.

Modular & Scalable

Modular & Scalable

Phoenix radar is fully customizable, with modular design suited to any level of vehicle autonomy or class. From L2 to L5, long-range front-end to mid-range corner and blind spot detection, Arbe’s feature rich imaging radar is modular, allowing OEMs the freedom to scale resolution, range, field of view, and functionality to fit design specifications and cost requirements.







Seamless Implementation

Seamless Implementation

Suited for mass market implementation, Phoenix is compatible with standard radar solutions in both size and weight. To integrate seamlessly into any vehicle design, units can be placed behind the bumper, inside a headlight and taillight, or behind the front grill.



Arbe products are designed to meet the highest industry safety and compliance standards. Additionally, the company is committed to addressing fundamental functionality concerns including the elimination of false alarms, mutual radar interference, and protection of the system from cyber attacks.

Role within Sensing Suite

Role within Sensing Suite

Providing the highest reliability across all weather and environment conditions, radar is critical to the sensor suite. Furthermore, out of all sensors, radar is capable of detecting obstacles at the longest range, giving it the highest likelihood of being the first identifier of danger, directing camera and LiDAR to areas of interest, increasing accuracy and reducing overall sensor suite power consumption. Additionally, with its rich functionality, Arbe can streamline the sensor by reducing the required number of sensors while providing redundancy for others.

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