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Making Headlines

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Mobility Outlook January 29, 2024

Arbe Robotics, HiRain Technologies To Transform Autonomous Driving with 4D Imaging Radars

Arbe joins Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (Hebrew)

Globes May 30, 2024

The Path Toward Truly Safe Hands-Free Driving

WardsAuto March 21, 2024

Arbe Opens an Office in Shanghai, China, Solidifying the Company’s Presence in the Region

Business Insider March 20, 2024

Hands-Free Driving with Perception Radar (German)

Sensoren February 5, 2024

Tesla’s Ross and Rachel Relationship With Radar

IDTechex January 29, 2024

Arbe Robotics & HiRain Mass Produce 4D Radar

Auto Connected Car News January 28, 2024

Global leading companies placing orders with Sensrad

Sensrad December 29, 2023

2024 CES: Automotive AI and the coming reality check | Automotive News

Automotive News December 24, 2023

Arbe Robotics releases production radar processor

Green Congress November 29, 2023

Exclusive: Arbe releases 48 RX x 48 TX production radar processor

Embedded November 27, 2023

Cars of the Future Awards Arbe the Self-Driving Industry 2023 Award in the Hardware Category

Auto Connected Car News November 26, 2023

Yonina Eldar Joins Arbe’s Board of Directors

CityBiz November 22, 2023

Perception Radar: More detailed than previous radar sensors / Detaillieter als bisherige Radarsensoren (German)

Krafthand Technikmagazin September 6, 2023

Arbe Announces an $11.6M Preliminary Order from Weifu

Auto Connected Car News July 30, 2023

Guest commentary: It’s a defining moment as advanced tech drives the renaissance of the automobile

Automotive News July 27, 2023

3.7 Million Imaging Radar Market in 2030 (Korean)

Autoelectronics July 1, 2023

Key Factors for Success: Employees & Partnerships (German)

StartupValley.News June 21, 2023

The Trailblazers: Introducing Arbe

Forbes June 14, 2023

Arbe Robotics Raises $23 Million to Boost Chinese Market Penetration and Advance Perception Radar Solutions June 8, 2023

Radar Technology gets a Refresh, Increased Tole in Automated Driving Systems

Auto Recent May 31, 2023

Arbe Robotics to Showcase AIPowered Sensor Fusion at IWPC Automotive Sensor Architecture Conference

Best Stocks May 30, 2023

Arbe and Weifu 4D imaging radar to power DiDi’s KargoBot L4 autonomous trucks

Inside Autonomous Vehicles April 28, 2023

Gapwaves Makes Strategic Investment in Radar Sensor Market by Acquiring a Minority Stake in Sensrad

Microwave Journal April 27, 2023

Vision 2030: planning for a safer road ahead

Inside Autonomous Vehicles April 17, 2023

What can Arbe’s Radar Perception Bring to Autonomous Driving?

Intelligent Vehicle Technology April 10, 2023

Kobi Marenko Recognized as One of the Most Influential Figures in Israeli High-Tech for 2023 (Hebrew)

Tech12 April 2, 2023

Next Interview with Kobi Marenko, CEO, Arbe (Hebrew)

Next March 31, 2023

According to Arbe Board Member Thilo Koslowski, “Car Manufacturers Must Keep the Driving Experience Fun” (Hebrew)

Mako March 14, 2023

Arbe Robotics obtains Japanese certification for its mass production RF chipset, accelerating market for ADAS and autonomous vehicles

Aftermarket Intel Staff Writer February 27, 2023

Safety Sells, But Explaining It to Car Buyers Is Challenging

WardAutu February 27, 2023

CES 2023: Mobility Technologies Drive Discussion and Innovation at CES

Market Scale January 17, 2023

Radars for Autonomous Cars at Cheap Valuation

Seeking Alpha January 14, 2023

Lidar, Radar, Camera Vendors Fight To Be The Eyes Of Autonomous Vehicles

Investor’s Business Daily January 10, 2023

Arbe introduces ’industry’s first’ 360° radar-based perception solution at CES

Inside Autonomous Vehicles January 6, 2023

Arbe Reveals 360-Degree Radar for Self-Driving Vehicles at CES 2023

IOT World Today January 5, 2023

The Next Generation Radar (Hebrew)

The Marker December 22, 2022

Building Trust in Autonomy

Inside Autonomous Vehicles November 19, 2022

Arbe Named as CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree

Associated Press November 17, 2022

Arbe Announces First Mass Quantity Preliminary Order from HiRain

Microwave Journal November 17, 2022

Arbe Consolidates Edges in Radar Chip Solutions with Enhanced Data Processing Power

Digitimes Asia November 8, 2022

Arbe Chosen by Veoneer For Its Next-Gen Radar

The Brake Report October 11, 2022

Arbe and Hirain to Provide Perception Radars Across Ports in China

Seeking Alpha September 20, 2022

Arbe’s Lynx Wins AutoSens Award for Hardware Development of the Year

Wall Street Journal September 19, 2022

Data Accelerating Autonomous Driving Development

Wards Auto September 9, 2022

Arbe Moves to Production of 4D Radar Chipset

eeNews August 17, 2022

Arbe Announces Q2 2022 Financial Results

MarketWatch August 16, 2022

Countering the ‘Phantom Braking’ Phenomenon

WardsAuto July 19, 2022

Arbe Introduces Lynx, Industry First Surround Imaging Radar

Microwave Journal July 18, 2022

Arbe Movers & Shakers Executive Interview

Frost and Sullivan July 17, 2022

Arbe Chipset Powers Mass Production Radars of HiRain, the Leading Chinese ADAS Tier 1

Benzinga June 23, 2022

Former SVP of Autonomous Driving at VW Group Alexander Hitzinger Joins Arbe Board of Directors

Yahoo Finance May 9, 2022

Arbe Launches Final RF Chipset Production Configuration

Microwave Journal May 3, 2022

Arbe Wins Tech.AD Europe Award 2022

Seeking Alpha April 13, 2022

Barkan Joins Arbe As Chief Radar Officer

The Brake Report March 23, 2022

Israel: From “Start-up Nation” to “Scale-Up Nation”

Wall Street Journal March 14, 2022

Optimist for AV Future Charts Multi-sensor Path

Automotive News March 7, 2022

How Autonomous Vehicles Navigate the Winter

Wards Auto March 3, 2022

Arbe Announces Q4 and Full Year 2021 Financial Results

Yahoo Finance March 1, 2022

Koslowski Named To Arbe Board

The Brake Report February 25, 2022

Car Companies Realized that an Autonomous Vehicle Without Imaging Radar is Impossible

Chiportal [Hebrew] January 30, 2022

Free Space Mapping Now On Arbe Robotics’ Imaging Radar Perception Stack

Embedded Computing Design January 6, 2022

Giving automated vehicles a better view

Automotive News January 3, 2022

Arbe Announces Third Quarter 2021 Results and Business Update

Yahoo Finance December 7, 2021

Startup Arbe Hopes to Take Center-stage in ADAS with 4D Radar

All About Circuits December 2, 2021

Arbe Announces Virtual Investor Event: The Road Ahead for Imaging Radar

Yahoo Finance November 18, 2021

Arbe Wins Informa Automotive Award 2021 for ADAS & Autonomous Product of the Year

MarketWatch November 18, 2021

Arbe Named As CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree

Fox 19 November 10, 2021

Arbe Appoints Veteran Chief Financial Officer Karine Pinto-Flomenboim

NBC November 8, 2021

BAIC Group States that Arbe’s Radar Technology Will be Installed in Mass-Produced Vehicles

Yahoo Finance November 3, 2021

Weifu Shipping Arbe-Based Radar Units, on Track to Reach Full Production by the End of 2022

Seeking Alpha November 2, 2021

All eyes on Tesla’s cameras going it alone on driver autonomy

The Globe and Mail October 28, 2021

Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Arbe With the 2021 Europe New Product Innovation Award

Frost & Sullivan October 27, 2021

Israeli startup making its Wall Street debut

Automotive News October 7, 2021

Arbe and ITAC,Announce The Scheduled Completion of Business Combination

Yahoo Finance October 6, 2021

Arbe Named a 2021 Automotive News PACEpilot Innovation to Watch

Auto Inc. October 1, 2021

Phantom Braking: What new imaging radar means for your next car

Driving September 3, 2021

Innovation in the traditional world of Automotive

Ynet [Hebrew] August 9, 2021

Embedding Vehicles with “Super Senses”

TU Automotive July 12, 2021

Industrial Tech Acquisitions and Arbe Announce Submission of Registration Statement to the SEC

CNN Business June 29, 2021

Tesla is following in the steps of an unlikely rival: Subaru

CNN June 18, 2021

Autonomous Mobility-as-a-Service is 2-3 Years Away, For Real This Time

IDTechEx May 31, 2021

The 2021 Perception Sensor Industry Map

Tangram Vision May 6, 2021

Arbe Announces Availability Of 4D Imaging Radar Solution On NVIDIA DRIVE Platform

Yahoo Finance May 4, 2021

Tips All Entrepreneurs Should Know When Fundraising

Startups Magazine April 25, 2021

AutoX Partners with Arbe to Bring Ultra-high Resolution Radars to its Autonomous Vehicle Fleet

TechCrunch April 19, 2021

AutoX Selects Arbe’s 4D Imaging Radar Platform for Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles

Yahoo Finance April 19, 2021

The Role Of 4D Imaging Radar In Reaching Level Two-Plus Autonomy

Forbes April 8, 2021

Israel has more unicorns than all of Europe

Globes April 5, 2021

Radar for Autonomous Vehicle – Video Interview

Matrickz TV April 4, 2021

We did not set up Arbe for the money, we want to see our vision in action [Hebrew]

Yediot April 2, 2021

4D Imaging Radar in Autonomous Vehicles: An Arbe and Qamcom Perspective

IoT Tech Trends March 31, 2021

4D Imaging Radar provides 100% safety for automobiles

Yahoo Finance March 22, 2021

4D radar developer Arbe Robotics headed to Nasdaq via SPAC merger

CNET March 18, 2021

Arbe to List on Nasdaq Through a Business Combination with Industrial Tech Acquisitions, Inc.

Nasdaq March 18, 2021

Automating the Last Mile With a Delivery Robot

Design News February 17, 2021

Qamcom Partnership Moves Arbe’s Imaging Radar Closer to Market

Wards Intelligence February 11, 2021

Amping Up Radar To Keep Our Roads Safer

Forbes January 26, 2021

Radar, Reborn: How a New Spin on an Old Idea Could Revolutionize Autonomous Cars

Digital Trends January 14, 2021

Two Team for 4D Radar in Industrial Designs

EE Times January 12, 2021

Qamcom will Bring Arbe’s 4D Imaging Radar to Trucks, Mines, and Farms

VentureBeat January 11, 2021

Smarter Sensors Will Make Autonomous Vehicles Safer

Wards Auto January 11, 2021

Next 50 in Global Tech Automotive and Mobility

EqualOcean December 29, 2020

Israeli Radar Revolution Aims to Fuel Safer Cars

Times of Israel December 27, 2020

Hoag+Co. Podcast

H+C December 8, 2020

4D Imaging Radar is in for the Long Haul

FreightWaves November 27, 2020

Closing The Gaps To Realize Full Autonomous Driving

International Business Times November 22, 2020

How HD Radar May Advance Self-driving Vehicles

AutoCar November 2, 2020

Imaging radar development platform offers 2K resolution

Embedded October 29, 2020

Arbe: Suited for Every Level of Vehicle Autonomy or Class

The Business Fame August 26, 2020

Paving the Way to Zero-Road Fatality

DataRoots Labs August 25, 2020

Mobility Talks with Kobi Marenko

Mobility Makers June 24, 2020

How Startups Are Shaping the Automotive Radar of Tomorrow

Microwave Journal June 8, 2020

Arbe Named a Cool Vendor by Gartner in the May 2020 Cool Vendors in Autonomous Vehicles

Yahoo Finance May 26, 2020

Automotive Radar Chip Processes 30 Gb/s of Data

Electronic Design May 22, 2020

Carmakers Won’t be the Ones Steering the Development of Driverless Vehicles

Calcalist Tech May 22, 2020

Breakthrough Automotive Imaging Radar Chip Tracks Hundreds of Objects

Design News May 19, 2020

Emerging Startups 2020: Top Autonomous Vehicles

Tracxn May 6, 2020

Arbe releases the first dedicated automotive-radar processing chipset

Autonomous Vehicle Tech May 4, 2020

Hall of Fame The Global Annual AI Achievement Award Winners May 1, 2020

Arbe Launches Automotive Grade Imaging Radar Processor Chip

EE Times May 1, 2020

World Changing Ideas Awards 2020

Fast Company April 28, 2020

How Imaging radar is the one solution for automotive Resilience

Medium Blog April 23, 2020

ARBE – Advanced Driver Assisted Systems April 20, 2020

Five EE Innovations Highlighted by the 2020 Edison Awards

All About Circuits April 15, 2020

The winners for the 2020 Edison Awards

Edison Awards April 1, 2020

With Imaging Radar, Clutter Is An Asset

Forbes March 11, 2020

Two Start-Ups That Are Out to Take Radar to Next Step

Wards Auto March 9, 2020

Latest Trends in Automotive Radars, Cameras

IDTechEx March 1, 2020

Arbe斩获汽车行业大奖 4D雷达受业界瞩目

Cheshi [Chinese] February 24, 2020

The Power of Autonomous Vehicle Sensors

WardsAuto February 3, 2020

Arbe, will launch a millimeter-wave radar this year

The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (Japanese) February 2, 2020

How Arbe Successfully Raised $55M to Make Autonomous Driving a Reality?

Asia Tech Daily January 28, 2020

Arbe, the Radar for the Era of Autonomous Vehicles

Embedded Advisor January 27, 2020


Sina [Chinese] January 18, 2020

Arbe’s radar chipset could decrease accidents and speed up autonomous vehicle rollout.

TheInnovator December 31, 2019

Arbe Gets $32m to Take ADAS Radar Chipset to Production

EE Times December 18, 2019


36KR [Chinese] December 17, 2019


Caijing, Chinese December 17, 2019

Arbe has raised $32m to manufacture car radar technology

Calcalist [Hebrew] December 17, 2019

Arbe Raises 32m to Bring its High Resolution-Radar to Autonomous Vehicles

TechCrunch December 16, 2019

How New Technology Can Protect Pedestrians Where Auto Alert Systems Fall Short

Forbes December 15, 2019

Arbe wins the 2020 AVT ACES Award in Autonomy Sensors category

Autonomous Vehicle Technology  December 2, 2019

Automatic alarm system malfunction? Radar technology can save lives

China Youth Online [Chinese] November 4, 2019


China Youth Online, Chinese November 1, 2019

Arbe, a radar revolution in autonomous driving

PetaCrunch October 22, 2019

Start-up nation and self-driving cars

DW October 15, 2019

European Safety Organization: The conditions for 5-star crushing tests will change in 2022

Calcalist (Hebrew) October 10, 2019

Car Safety: Rethinking Your Sensor Strategy

International Business Times October 7, 2019

Arbe launches new high-density automotive radar antenna

Autonomous Vehicle Technology October 2, 2019

The Israeli startups you will find in future vehicles

Walla News (Hebrew) September 29, 2019


AutoLab, Chinese September 27, 2019

Why can’t the automatic brake be used below 80km/h?

AutoLab (Chinese) September 27, 2019

These High-Tech Sensors May Be the Key to Autonomous Cars

The New York Times September 26, 2019


China Daily, Chinese September 16, 2019

Arbe launches new high-density automotive radar antenna

Autonomous Vehicle Technology September 11, 2019

The hottest startups in Tel Aviv

Wired August 26, 2019

Autonomous Driving Future

Galatz Radio (Hebrew) August 21, 2019

Soon! The Israeli radar company says it can support L5 autonomous driving in five years

Youcheyihou (Chiense) August 5, 2019

自动驾驶时代即将来临—— 创新让以色列走在未来汽车发展前列

ST Daily [Chinese] July 16, 2019

Arbe brings a new generation of car radar to the professional summit

DoNews, (Chinese) July 16, 2019

The era of ADAS is just around the corner. Innovation makes Israel the forefront of future cars

ST Daily (Chinese) July 16, 2019


Do News July 15, 2019

The Top Companies at Ecomotion 2019

Israel Today (Hebrew) June 23, 2019

How 4D radar could impact autonomous vehicles

The Robot Report June 16, 2019

Israel’s EcoMotion Looks Like An Early Stage CES Aiming To Stimulate Winning Mobility Tech

Forbes June 15, 2019

Ecomotion: Innovating Reality

Walla News (Hebrew) June 14, 2019

Dresden’s Global Foundries Optimistic About the Future

MDR Mediathek (German) June 13, 2019

13 of the best auto-tech startups at Israel’s Ecomotion

Israel 21C June 13, 2019

2019: The Blue and White Vehicle Industry

iCar (Hebrew) June 13, 2019

Arbe:让 4D 成像雷达成为自动驾驶核心部件

Geekcar, Chinese May 22, 2019

Tech.AD Europe 2019 – Interview with Kobi Marenko

we.Media May 16, 2019

Arbe Lands Third Place AUVSI XCELLENCE Award

Market Watch May 14, 2019


Sina, Chinese May 8, 2019

Arbe CEO:让4D成像雷达从冗余升级为自动驾驶的核心

Huanqiu, Chinese April 23, 2019

Upgrade to a 4D Imaging Radar for Redundancy to the Automated Driving Core (Chinese) April 23, 2019

Arbe enlarges its virtual antenna to increase resolution

Nikkei (Japanese) April 16, 2019

AiThority Interview Series with Kobi Marenko, CEO and Co-Founder at Arbe

AiThority April 4, 2019

Arbe Named AUVSI XCELLENCE Awards Finalist

Auvsi April 1, 2019


Sohu [Chinese] March 24, 2019

This Israeli AI Startup’s Sensor Is The Missing Link To True Autonomous Vehicles

Startup Hub March 21, 2019

Arbe Honored as 2019 Red Herring Top 100 Europe Winner and TheNextWeb TECH5 Hot Scale Up

Seeking Alpha March 18, 2019

Conversation with Arbe about the arrival of ultra high resolution 4D imaging radar

Autofan (Chinese) March 13, 2019

The Israeli company Arbe is picking international awards!

IT Portal (Hebrew) March 12, 2019

Arbe, Next-generation Radar to Enhance Autonomous Driving Safety

Auto Electronics (Korean) March 10, 2019

Vehicle Coms Crucial to Driverless Cars on Chaotic Roads

TU Auto February 25, 2019

Radar Must Become Hi-Def in a Driverless World, Says Arbe

TU Auto February 18, 2019

Arbe, disrupting Radar technology, to offer autonomous vehicles a clear road ahead

Automotive IQ February 11, 2019

Staying Ahead of the Curve: Advancing Radar and the Future of Autonomous Driving

AutoSens January 21, 2019

Peaking Under the Hood: Whats Driving the Autonomous Future

NAIAS January 17, 2019

At CES 2019: Vehicles and Faster Networks Share Spotlight with TVs

ECN January 14, 2019

2019 CES Highlights: Innovations in Enviro-Sensing for Robocars

MotorTrend January 13, 2019

Israeli Tech Company Shows Off 4D Imaging Radar at CES

The Detroit Bureau January 8, 2019

Arbe to Launch the World’s First Ultra-High Resolution Automotive Radar System at CES 2019

Business Insider January 3, 2019

Israeli technologies are making self-driving cars safer

The Times of Israel December 5, 2018

Arbe 4D成像雷达获国际创新大奖认可

Netease Beijing, Chinese November 30, 2018

Arbe Robotics Applauded by Frost & Sullivan for its Breakthrough in 4D Imaging RADAR System

Frost & Sullivan November 28, 2018


PRNews [Chinese] November 12, 2018

2018 Global Semiconductor Alliance Award Nominees Announced

Global Banking and Finance November 8, 2018

A talking car and an eye in the sky: the Israeli start-ups who want to prevent road accidents

TheMarker (Hebrew) November 7, 2018

Shengjing Global Innovation Award TOP20 Announced

Yesky (Chinese) November 4, 2018

Podcast: Radar for Driverless Vehicles

Reinvention Revolution Podcast November 2, 2018

The 6th Smart Mobility Conference Concluded Successfully

People & Computer Magazine November 1, 2018


iFeng, Chinese October 26, 2018

Arbe Ultra HD 4D Radar Leads a New Reality (Chinese) October 26, 2018

Webinar: Progressing to Level 3 Autonomy

SAE International October 25, 2018

The People Who Make Israeli High-Tech- Ronit Fuchs Head of Algorithms at Arbe

Globes (Hebrew) October 22, 2018

Arbe Robotics邀您参加第三届中国国际智能网联汽车论坛

Sohu, Chinese October 19, 2018

10 Israeli Autotech Startups Share Their Vision for the Future of Mobility

Calcalist Tech October 16, 2018

加速自动驾驶普及 Arbe Robotics雷达

XCar [Chinese] October 1, 2018

Arbe Robotics Wins the Most Exciting Start-up Silver Award at AutoSens Awards 2018

Yahoo Finance September 27, 2018

Arbe斩获汽车行业大奖 4D雷达受业界瞩目

Cheshi [Chinese] September 26, 2018

The key technology for achieving complete autopilot: 4D imaging radar

Mems Consulting, Chinese September 2, 2018

Why Hi-Resolution Radar is a Game Changer

Sensors Magazine August 22, 2018

Arbe Robotics Licenses Physical IP by INVECAS for its Radar System-on-Chip

Invecas August 8, 2018

Radar Startups Review 08/18

Frontier Tech Review August 2, 2018

Arbe Robotics Going for Gold

AutoSens July 17, 2018

Arbe Robotics 获1000万美元投资并继续研发新一代自动驾驶传感技术

China Daily, Chinese July 13, 2018

APAC Digest: Arbe Robotics gets $10m for China push

Deal Street Asia July 13, 2018

Israeli vehicle radar company Arbe Robotics raises $10m

Globes July 12, 2018

Imaging radar to achieve high automotive safety level

Electronic Specifier Automotive June 28, 2018

一场智能驾驶科技“秀” 畅想未来汽车还有多远?

Xianji China, Chinese June 22, 2018

Advanced Radar to Challenge Lidar in Autonomous Vehicle Sector

David E. Zoia | WardsAuto June 22, 2018

Autonocast #85 with Kobi Marenko


Top 10 Israeli Startups Leading the Race in Self-Driving Technology

Analytics Insight June 17, 2018

11 Smart Driving Innovative Projects Performing in Shanghai, Chinese June 15, 2018

GF’s 22FDX Garners Automotive Certifications & a Hot New ADAS Customer

SOI consortium June 14, 2018

Arbe Robotics Selects Global Foundries’ Process for High-Resolution Imaging Radar

Autonomous Vehicle Technology June 10, 2018

Searching for The Next Mobileye

Cars, Sport5, Hebrew May 27, 2018

EcoMotion 2018: How High Can You Go?

The Car Magazine, Hebrew May 25, 2018

Top 7 Tips for Closing B2B Deals

OurCrowd Portfolio Insights May 8, 2018

Arbe Robotics Selects Globalfoundries for its High-Res Imaging Radar

Silicon Semiconductor April 27, 2018

Arbe Robotics Turns to 22FDX for Hi-Res Automotive Imaging Radar

Global Foundries Blog April 26, 2018

Reality check for suppliers of robocar technology

Auto News April 1, 2018

Arbe Robotics高分辨率成像雷达采用格芯技术,以实现自动驾驶汽车的安全性 [Chinese] March 9, 2018

Arbe Robotics Wins Berlin’s Automotive Tech.AD Award

TMC March 9, 2018

The glory of Israeli auto-tech: Who will be Mobileye of 2018?

Globes, Hebrew March 8, 2018

車載センサー 三国志

Nikkei Electronics, Japanese February 21, 2018

In the Race to Build the Car of the Future, Israel is Speeding Ahead

Red Herring February 19, 2018

Like the ‘Chez’ anti-missile radar, only small

Yediot, Hebrew February 18, 2018

Arteris IP FlexNoC Interconnect Licensed by Arbe Robotics

Best Products Review February 14, 2018

23 amazing start-ups from Tel Aviv to watch

Silicon Republic February 8, 2018

The Startups Trying to Revamp Automotive Radar

Microwave & RF February 3, 2018

技术控看过来!细数Automotive World 2018展会的先进技术及产品

Sohu, Chinese January 30, 2018

参展企业 Arbe Robotics 专题报道

Gasgoo, Chinese January 30, 2018

東京汽車電子展 自駕、聯網、汽車節能動力系統成亮點

DigiTimes, Chinese January 22, 2018

What’s new in the automotive world

הייטק בפקקים, Hebrew January 18, 2018


EE times, Japanese January 18, 2018

Israeli technologies in new vehicles

Ynet, Hebrew January 17, 2018

Arbe Robotics发布车载雷达高清雷达系统 助力3-5级自动驾驶汽车

EC9000 [Chinese] January 1, 2018

自动驾驶高分辨率成像雷达开发商Arbe Robotics获900万美元融资

Sohu, Chinese November 5, 2017

Arbe Robotics raises $9M to build high-resolution radars for autonomous cars

TechCrunch November 2, 2017

An Update On Tel Aviv’s 2016 Pitch Off Winner

TechCrunch August 20, 2017

Radar for Autonomous Cars

TECHDRIVE July 4, 2017

The 25 coolest tech companies in Israel

Business Insider May 25, 2017

Arbe Robotics 获得250万美元融资,SAR成像雷达会是无人驾驶的好选择吗?

36KR [Chinese] April 25, 2017

Arbe Robotics公司的雷达系统为无人驾驶汽车设想更安全的未来

cnBeta [Chinese] March 31, 2017

Radar system envisions a safer future for self-driving cars

TNW March 31, 2017

14 Innovative Startups That Prove We are Living in the Sci-fi Future March 6, 2017

20 Israeli Startups to Watch in 2017 February 10, 2017

The 21 coolest tech startups in Israel

Business Insider December 12, 2016

This Israeli radar startup could get autonomous delivery drones off the ground

Business Insider October 9, 2016

The drone race is off and running, with Israel in the lead

TechCrunch September 9, 2016

A floating empire? The Israeli start-ups who want to conquer the sky

TheMarker, Hebrew August 11, 2016

Removing the human element from autonomous commercial drones

TechCrunch July 15, 2016

And the winners of our first-ever Meetup and Pitch-Off in Tel Aviv are…

TechCrunch June 22, 2016

The company that gives sharp eyes to drones

Yediot, Hebrew March 14, 2016

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