Industry Applications

2K Ultra-High Resolution Imaging Radar

Arbe’s solution is the world’s first radar to separate, track, and identify objects in 2K ultra-high resolution in both azimuth and elevation, achieved via a proprietary chipset of 48 receiving and 48 transmitting RF channels and a dedicated processor chip. These achievements have repositioned radar from a supportive sensor to the backbone of the sensor suite, reducing the need for parallel suite sensors, lowering costs, and increasing both sensor suite functionality and dependability


Passenger Vehicles

icon 2K Ultra High Resolution   icon ADAS and AV   icon Advanced perception

Tier 1s, OEMs, and new mobility players across the globe are revolutionizing their imaging radar systems with Arbe’s 4D Imaging Radar. Delivering 2k ultra high resolution and enhanced perception capabilities, Arbe radar differentiates true threats from false alarms to ensure a safe road ahead for drivers, pedestrians, and other vulnerable road users. Plus modular in design, Arbe radar is fully customizable, scaling to meet the real-road needs of ADAS to fully-autonomous vehicles.

In partnership with Sensrad, a leading specialist company within technology applications, Arbe’s 4D Imaging Radar Solution is now applicable to an array of dynamic and static applications.

Dynamic Applications

In dynamic applications, 4D Imaging Radar offers enhanced availability and accuracy for safety and kinematic-based functions, making it the ideal solution for every environmental scenario and geographic terrain.

AGV's & Delivery Pods

icon Power efficient   icon Advanced perception   icon Fully autonomous

To overcome hard-to-predict urban environments such as sidewalks and warehouses, last-mile delivery pods and vehicles require agile sensing. With 2K high resolution, 4D Imaging Radar efficiently executes advanced free space mapping, real-time path planning, and obstacle avoidance. Additionally, 4D Imaging Radar’s level of performance reduces the need for parallel sensors, making it the ideal solution for low power and small size requirements.

Trucking & Transportation

icon Long-range alerts   icon Distance autopilot   icon Parameter safety

Each day, trucks and transportation face extremely complex situations including the full range of weather and lighting conditions. Every-condition operational and with long-range visibility, 4D Imaging Radar delivers the highest level of safety for the vehicle and those in close proximity, increasing productivity and confidence.

Heavy Machinery

icon Modular application   icon All-weather operational   icon Unmapped area ready

When executing earthwork operations, large construction tasks, or agricultural and soil refinement, personal safety and spatial awareness are paramount. 4D Imaging Radar is designed for scale, making it the modular sensing solution equipped for every environmental scenario and geographic terrain.

Robot Shuttles & Taxis

icon Full autonomy   icon Urban environments   icon Vulnerable road user

On-demand transportation services operate in dense urban environments surrounded by numerous static and moving obstacles. The ability to maneuver efficiently and safely is paramount, ensuring vulnerable road users (VRUs) are protected at all times. Arbe’s 4D Imaging Radar operates in 2K resolution, tracking hundreds of objects in real-time, ensuring the road ahead is safe when it matters most.

Aerial Vehicles

icon All weather operational   icon Real time alerts   icon Small, light & power efficient

In harsh weather conditions with poor visibility, not knowing your proximity to other objects can be devastating for any aerial application. 4D Imaging Radar provides an ideal solution for safe, real-time 4D perception in a wide field of view.

Static Applications

In static applications, 4D Imaging Radar offers enhanced personal safety and zone protection, traffic flow optimization, and adaptive decision making.

Traffic Surveillance

icon 2K resolution accuracy   icon Privacy assured surveillance   icon All weather operational

By statically recording vehicle speed and other-object proximity, high-resolution stationary 4D Imaging Radar systems are the ideal solution for comprehensive real-time traffic information and alert systems. Arbe radar is fully operational in all weather and lighting conditions as well as in heavy traffic, enabling surveillance systems to accurately pinpoint potential threats within predefined areas or zones when it matters most, without invading personal privacy.

Smart Cities

icon 2K resolution accuracy   icon Privacy assured surveillance   icon All weather operational

High-resolution stationary and connected 4D Imaging Radars make cities more intelligent, affording opportunities for system-wide efficiencies and responses such as improving traffic flow through digital display boards, proactively addressing poor visibility through lighting control systems, and optimizing parking through monitoring systems. Delivering 2K resolution, Arbe radar is fully operational in all weather and lighting conditions, ensuring always-on functionality and intelligent support.

Site Safety & Security

icon Advanced perception   icon 2K resolution accuracy   icon All weather operational

High-resolution stationary 4D Imaging Radars can monitor movement patterns and behaviors in predefined areas to provide real-time safety or security breach warnings. Operational in all weather and lighting conditions, Arbe radar is the ideal solution for full-site monitoring and surveillance, ensuring crew safety and site integrity.

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