Industry’s Leading Imaging Radar Chipset Solution

Industry’s Leading Imaging Radar Chipset Solution

Industry’s Leading Imaging Radar Chipset Solution

Highest Channel Count, Highest Processing Power

Arbe chipset’s massive channel array empowers next-gen radars to elevate L2+ to higher safety levels, achieving reliable autonomy at low power consumption and low cost.

By equipping vehicles with radars based on the Arbe chipset, automakers will future proof their offering and develop innovative perception features without needing to upgrade their radars throughout the vehicle lifecycle.

Delivering Best-in-Class Radar Performance Without Compromise


2,304 channels

(12x competitors)


3 Tb/sec

Equivalent processing throughput


Low power





Breakthrough in Radar Processing

Processor Chip

  • Processing real time data from 2,304 virtual channels
  • Provides >10K detections at 30 frames per second
  • 3TBps equivalent processing throughput
  • Includes DSP cores to accommodate OEM algorithms
  • Point Cloud and Object List Output

Arbe’s patented processor chip integrates radar processing unit (RPU) architecture with embedded radar signal processing algorithms to convert massive amounts of raw data while maintaining low silicon power consumption. The automotive-grade system on chip (SOC) includes: safety processor, security, dual core DSP, and application processor.

Rx Receiver Chip

  • 12 Receiver channels
  • Best-in-class noise figure
  • 76-81GHz bands
  • AEC-Q100, ASIL-B ready
  • -40 °C to +125 °C temperature range

Tx Transmitter Chip

  • 24 transmit channels
  • Highest output power
  • 76-81GHz bands
  • AEC-Q100, ASIL-B ready
  • -40 °C to +125 °C temperature range

Industry’s Best Image Quality

Arbe’s large channel array generates superior image quality with best-in-class native resolution in Azimuth and Elevation. With the elimination of ambiguities and optimal antenna design and very low sidelobe levels, radars based on Arbe’s solution are solving one of the main radar challenges: false alarms. High resolution and proprietary modulation mean Arbe’s chipset eliminates the “detection” of phantom objects that lead to hazardous braking. Other important features: high accuracy, high dynamic range, high doppler resolution, and interference mitigation.

Resolving the Leading Causes of Autonomous Driving Accidents

Arbe’s chipset provides unmatched safety in all environment, weather, and lighting conditions. It eliminates both false positive and false negative detections, and is the only ultra-high resolution radar solution to detect stationary objects — a notorious stumbling block for automotive radars — meeting NHTSA and NCAP requirements and resolving the factors behind ADAS and Autopilot related accidents. With an Advanced VRU detection and top performance in all corner cases, Arbe closes the sensor gap to achieve truly safe driving and Vision Zero.

Future Proof your Roadmap

Learn more about how Arbe’s 4D Imaging Radar Chipset can impact your business.