The Proprietary Chipset Solution Delivering High-Resolution 4D Imaging Radar

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The Proprietary Chipset Solution Delivering High-Resolution 4D Imaging Radar

Arbe’s patent pending 4D imaging radar chipset solution offers unequaled performance over an array of thousands of virtual channels while optimizing cost and power consumption. 

Through enhanced FMCW technology, Arbe’s chipset technology transmits and receives signals from multiple antennas. By converting information from time to frequency domains (FFT), Arbe provides a 4D image with unparalleled element density in high azimuth and elevation resolution while simultaneously sensing the environment in long range with a wide field of view in real time. Additionally, Arbe technology reduces sidelobe occurrence levels close to zero, resolving range-doppler ambiguities and avoiding interference from other radars.

Delivering Ultra High Resolution

  • 2K resolution accuracy
  • Privacy assured surveillance
  • All weather operational

With more than 2000 virtual channels, Arbe’s chipset solution tracks hundreds of objects simultaneously with 30 frames per second of full scan. Distance, height, depth, and speed are simultaneously assessed in high-resolution, repositioning radar from a supportive role to the backbone of the sensing suite.

Utilizing Superior RF Chipset Process

Arbe has developed its own proprietary mm wave automotive grade radar RFIC chipset that includes a transmitter chip with 24 output channels and a receiver chip with 12 input channels. Using the new FDSOI CMOS process 22FDX, Arbe’s RF chipset is designed to support TD-MIMO and has best-in-class performance for channel isolation, noise figure, and transmit power. Leveraging the latest RF processing technology, Arbe has achieved state-of-the-art RF performance at the lowest cost per channel in the market.

Breakthrough in Radar Processing

Arbe’s proprietary baseband processing chip integrates radar processing unit (RPU) architecture with embedded radar signal processing algorithms to convert massive amounts of raw data in real-time while maintaining low silicon power consumption. Arbe’s patent pending processing chip manages up to 48 Rx channels in combination with 48 Tx channels in real-time, generating 30 frames per second of full 4D image, with equivalent processing throughput of 3 Tb/sec.

Leveraging Physical Resolution

Arbe proprietary technology leverages a physical resolution 2-10 times higher than the synthetic or statistical resolution enhancement methods, such as super resolution, employed by competitors

As a result, Arbe’s chipset technology remains effective in low SNR (signal to noise ratio) and multiple-object scenarios, circumstances which often cause alternative methods to fail. While using super resolution to accurately analyze object boundaries, Arbe technology does not depend on this technique to generate a high-quality image.

Eliminating False Alarms

The inability to distinguish threats from false alarms is a leading cause of autonomous vehicle accidents. False alarms trigger radar to report phantom objects, which in turn perpetuate false positives and false negatives.

Arbe’s FMCW enhancement, superior channel separation, and advanced post-processing reduce false alarms with close to zero instances of phantom objects, eliminating both false-positive and false-negative scenarios.

Mitigating Mutual Interference

More radar-sensor equipped vehicles are released every year, some with as many as eight systems. Many of these radars are transmitting chirps on the same frequency bands, a reality that leads to signal mixing and increased collision rates. The more condensed the traffic, the higher the risk of mutual interference. Arbe’s patent pending FMCW innovation actively avoids and mitigates chirp transmitter interference, keeping channels clear to correctly track objects to ensure the road ahead is safe for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

Applying Advanced Tracking and SLAM Algorithms

Due to its ultra high-resolution, Arbe’s chipset technology is an ideal solution for advanced localization and environment mapping leveraging radar data. Arbe’s advanced AI based post processing and SLAM can be leveraged to identify and track objects, differentiate dynamic objects from their surroundings, predict multiple object trajectory, and conduct sensor fusion with camera and parallel systems.

Radar Revolution. Delivered.

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